Circle of Seven Released

I want to annouce that my good Friend, Randy Messer and his son Riley Messer have released their adventure novel, Circle of Seven. This book was a seven year labor between father and son, and includes reading games to help parents teach their children how to read. I think anyone who reads to their children will find this an entertaining and adventures book for bed time reading.

Copies are available in eBook and printed editions. Click here to pick up your copy today!


A Congress of Angels

The next exciting installment of The Collective is nearing release, and we are working hard to finish edits and type setting. This second book is longer and a bit more dark than the first, as it really should be.

I introduce a new character in A Congress of Angels, a Gabriel Ludlow. He is a Marine Recon Sniper forced into retirement because of phsycological issues earned with his large kill count. A loner and mildly disturbed, he comes to realize that what is happening in the world is not some odd event, not some news story that will be mystically resolved by the government.

Gabriel also realizes that he is on the wrong side of the battle lines.

The story also continues as the three (Jackson, Maria, and of course, Vega) come to terms with what they have done, what they are, and what they are supposed to do. They know they must return to the United States to reclaim the final medallion, and recover the strange book left in a drug den in northern New Jersey. However, that’s a world away, a ruined world away.

New Series

I have begun work on a new series of dark young adult fantasy called Lexicon Chase. I wanted to try something different, both with my target audience as well as in genre. Although I wrote a young adult fantasy before, ‘By Any Other Name’ never went anywhere, and that was haunting me. Moreover, I didn’t see much in the way of young adult fiction that was dark.

I think the last Harry Potter novel by J.K. Rowling’s was the last dark young adult I read, and it was great. Dark as it was with the deaths–and lets not forget the torture scene–I didn’t here much complaining from parents or readers. And, we all know how successful that book was. With video games and internet and texting… J.K. Rowling made kids read, and read a bunch of massive tomes.

Anyway, my little bit of star worshipping aside now, I decided to take ‘By Any Other Name’ and rewrite it. I didn’t want to do that same ole “heroic little person goes on an impossible quest to find some evil thing or destroy something evil,” I began plotting the storyline and realized there was no way it would fit in a single book, more or less two books. So I have laid the plot across three titles.

The first title will focus on the acclamation and relationships that develop for our protagonist, Lexicon. However, she will find something wrong, and go seeking the solution to this problem from the great minds of her world. Quest? You betcha, but not in the same manor as I have described above. This is a quest for knowledge, for learning, and Lexicon has to use her brain to resolve the problem. No great and ancient magic sword, no evil ring… knowledge.

The titles so far are:

  • Lexicon Chase and the Scrolls of the Harlequin
  • Lexicon Chase and the Riddle Song
  • Lexicon Chase and the Gnarled Mystic

As anyone who writes knows, there is a pretty good chance the plot will bloat, become pregnant with story and require an additional title or two. The opposite could happen too. We will see. I am excited to get the first one done and see how well a dark young adult novel will be received. I’m going to shoot for the sixteen and older crowed, so it wont be too dark.

If you are interested in reading an advanced copy, please leave a comment. I am always willing to supply reviewers with copies of any of my titles.

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Vega Rising, A Review

Got a great review from PlasmatixUltra on Amazon:

“I’m a big fan of apocalyptic writing and I’m an even bigger fan of authors who take a concept like “angels and demons battle for control of our world” and spin it about into something worthwhile. Jon Fore’s Vega Rising is both of these things and so much more. The book has a fast-paced plot, engaging characters, and well-timed and engrossing action that will take you on an epic journey that will leave you wanting so much more by the end. I’ve read a number of Mr. Fore’s previous novels, Paradise, Remnant Few, Black Water, and this is by far the best of his novels that I’ve read, with Paradise being a very close second. He’s taken the suggestions and comments of his readers to heart and really focused on building a solid world and life-like characters with quirks, flaws, and distinctions aplenty. World-building while keeping an audience focused and interested is a tough thing to accomplish for any writer but Jon handles this with skill. I found myself smiling, laughing, chuckling at turns of phrase, even as I was held rapt for the consequences of the taut ending. It’s a bit of a cliffhanger, but in a good way, that leaves you wanting more and doesn’t feel out of place. It’s a welcome addition to any reader’s collection and is a mark and, indeed, a sign of great things to come not just from this series, but for Mr Fore as a writer. Highly recommended!”

Thanks PlasmatixUltra!  Look for Book 2 in June!

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Paradise Promotional Giveaway

ParadiseStarting Friday, I am offering a promotional giveaway of Paradise, my best-selling novel for the Kindle.  If you own a Kindle or have the Kindle software installed anywhere, stop by tomorrow and grab a copy here.

As always, please stop by Amazon and rate and review!

Release Announcement: Vega Rising

If you’ve been following my blog, you will be familiar with the latest project, Revelation Declined. This project has been completed, and now the title is:

Vega Rising, Book 1 of the Collective

This is a fictional account of what might happen if the angels of the Apocalypse are not what we know from biblical text and mythology, and when they come to Earth to begin the Revelation, they run into a bit of trouble. Let’s just say modern life kind of gets in their way.

It is available at Amazon here: Vega Rising

Click here for the excerpt.

The book is being released as a Kindle only edition first, and then being entered in the Break Out Novel Contest, sponsored this year by Amazon.

I will be doing promotional giveaways in the very near future, and will keep you up to date.

If you are a literary blogger or want to provide a review of the book on Amazon or Goodreads or wherever, please add a note to this posting, and I will provide you a reviewer’s copy.

For those following the series, the second book, Vega Ascension (working title) is about half complete and I have to say gets more adult: scary, violent, suspenseful, etc. Look for this sometime around the middle of the year.

Please enjoy and don’t forget to rate and review!


Revelation Declined

I have completed a new novel called Revelation Declined, which has just gone into editing.

Curious with mythology and the way a story can change with each telling, and the psychology of humans and their social dependancies when confronted with the desperation of end of world scenarios, I wondered if man could overcome the biblical description of the Apocalypse.

Could our medical science overcome Pestilence? With our ability to cure the sick and eradicate man killing viruses, could we cure the disease he brought to us.

Given the awesome power we have to make war, could we defend ourselves from the might of Death and his pale horse? We ride F-22 Raptors, Apache Long Bow attack helicopters, and well, he rides a horse.

That kind of thing.

So I brought these ideas together to begin and it kind of went in an odd direction.

I hope to have this novel–the first of a series–available by the end of the year, and just in time for Christmas.

Look for Revelation Declined soon!